Saturday, 23 April 2016

Bulgarian wonders of nature - part2

Hello sweet readers!

How are you? What are you doing this weekend? Me I'm staying at home for now,  I'm a little sick and I want to get in shape for next week-end because I'm going to Paris!
But for now as promised, I'm telling you the second part of my last week-end.

So this post is mostly dedicated to the region of Veliko Tarnovo.

Veliko Tarnovo is the ancient capital of Bulgaria (before Sofia), it is situated is the middle of the country. It has a charm no other city in the country has. If you stay in Bulgaria for more than a week, you must visit it!

We had lunch in a super restaurant called Shtastliveca with a incredible view as you can see in the photos, I deeply recommend it but you must have a reservation!
In this region,
- We went to a monastery, Preobrajenski (transfiguration), very interesting for its colorful paintings, its view and the 'circle of life painting'...
- Then we went to the Hotnishki waterfalls, very cool place especially if you like climbing ;)

To finish, on our way back to Sofia, less than 100km in the region of Yablanitsa, we went the Glojenski monastery, dating 1224, it is very spectacular, on the verge of the terrifying... Perched in the middle of the mountain, we reach it by a single-lane road, we had the impression to be in a movie...

Hope you'll like my post and wish you all a perfect week-end!


Veliko Turnovo and restaurant Shtastlivetsa 

Preobrajenski (the transfiguration) monastery

Hotnishki waterfall

Glozenski Monastery 

I'm wearing:
Flared dress Zara, similar here
Sandals Les tropéziennes animal
Reversible down jacket Mademoiselle plume comptoir des cotonniers similar here

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