Thursday, 26 May 2016

Flare Jeans and Chanel inspired tweed top!

Hello dear readers!

How are you? The day before yesterday (non working day in Bulgaria), I wanted to dress in a more hippy style so I dag up my old flare jeans and put my new tweed top from Zara! I felt like in the 70's all day long, even if I was not born at that time haha! 
Do you like the outfit?

Have a very nice week! 



I'm wearing:
Tweed top Zara shop here
Flare Jeans Les Petites old collection, similar here , here , here
Blazer Sandro old collection, similar here
Platformed Sandals H&M old collection, similar here , here , here
Clutch faux python Zara old collection, similar herehere
Earring H&M shop here
Sunglasses Saint Laurent Paris

National palace of culture, Sofia "NDK"

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Chilling in Vrasida with my new H&M swimsuit! ;)

Hello sweet readers!

How are you? This week-end I went to northern Greece in the region of Kavala. It's like 4hours by car from Sofia; To be more precise we went in a small wild inlet situated very close to the village of Nea Peramos, called Vrasida.
The weather was beautiful, the sea wasn't hot enough to swim but it was perfect for sunbathing! It was for me the occasion to try my new lace one piece swimsuit from H&M. It is relatively thick, so it is better not to get wet. Nevertheless, I found this swimsuit perfect and original especially for its price: 9,99 euros!

Do you like it?



Ps: For those who are not yet convinced about one-piece swimsuits, you can read this ;) 

I'm wearing:
One-piece lace swimsuit H&M, shop here
Denim shorts H&M Very old collection
Sunnies Chanel 

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Bulgarian wonders of nature - part2

Hello sweet readers!

How are you? What are you doing this weekend? Me I'm staying at home for now,  I'm a little sick and I want to get in shape for next week-end because I'm going to Paris!
But for now as promised, I'm telling you the second part of my last week-end.

So this post is mostly dedicated to the region of Veliko Tarnovo.

Veliko Tarnovo is the ancient capital of Bulgaria (before Sofia), it is situated is the middle of the country. It has a charm no other city in the country has. If you stay in Bulgaria for more than a week, you must visit it!

We had lunch in a super restaurant called Shtastliveca with a incredible view as you can see in the photos, I deeply recommend it but you must have a reservation!
In this region,
- We went to a monastery, Preobrajenski (transfiguration), very interesting for its colorful paintings, its view and the 'circle of life painting'...
- Then we went to the Hotnishki waterfalls, very cool place especially if you like climbing ;)

To finish, on our way back to Sofia, less than 100km in the region of Yablanitsa, we went the Glojenski monastery, dating 1224, it is very spectacular, on the verge of the terrifying... Perched in the middle of the mountain, we reach it by a single-lane road, we had the impression to be in a movie...

Hope you'll like my post and wish you all a perfect week-end!


Veliko Turnovo and restaurant Shtastlivetsa 

Preobrajenski (the transfiguration) monastery

Hotnishki waterfall

Glozenski Monastery 

I'm wearing:
Flared dress Zara, similar here
Sandals Les tropéziennes animal
Reversible down jacket Mademoiselle plume comptoir des cotonniers similar here

Monday, 18 April 2016

Bulgarian wonders of nature - trip part1

Hello dear readers!

How are you? 
It's really hot in here these days (in Bulgaria I mean) and I decided to visit my beautiful native country this weekend! So there will be two parts (posts) of this trip WE!
This one is dedicated to the region of Yablanitsa and Lovetch (less than 2hours by car from Sofia): if you like caves, there are some very interesting in that region: the following pictures are taken in Prohodna cave also known as the eyes of god, Devetashka cave which you might recognise from the film the Expendables and the Krushuna waterfalls (the biggest waterfalls in Bulgaria) ! It is a perfect one day trip programme and not difficult for non sporty people.
There is an other cave in the region Saeva Dupka which I visited 3years ago, very different from these, but also very interesting! 
We ate after all this adventure in the village of Letnica where is situated the Krushuna waterfalls, in a small garden restaurant called Slunchevata kushta (The sunny house) delicious traditional bulgarian food and good value for money!  

I wish you a wonderful week, full of ideas of journeys, personnaly, I'm already thinking of my next Bulgarian trip!



Prohodna cave also known as "the eyes of god"

Devetashka cave where was filmed The expendables!

The Krushuna waterfalls

I'm wearing:
Denim high waisted shorts H&M shop here
White shirt Zara old collection, similar here
Bag Zara, shop here
Nike Air Max Thea, similar color here

Monday, 4 April 2016

Little yellow dress

Hello Sweet readers!

How are you?  I hope you had all a well spent week-end! :)
Mine was pretty cool: I went to Koprivtchitsa on Saturday, a beautiful village with authentic colorful houses from the Bulgarian Renaissance period (You can check pictures in my facebook page) and on Sunday, I had a walk in the center of Sofia and I also "opened" the icecream season from my favorite "100 grama sladki" shop situated on Shishman street.

It was the occasion to wear my brand new little yellow dress from Zara. I bought it for less than 25euros, what do you think?

Have a very nice shining week sweeties!


I'm wearing:
Dress Zara shop here
Leather jacket, Claudie Pierlot, similar here
Flat sandals Masons, old collection
Clutch Zara old collection
Sunnies Saint Laurent Paris old collection